Agad Tantra is one of the 8 branches of Astanga Ayurveda. It deals with the study of poisons of both live and inanimate origin along with the different types of Agadas (Vishavirodhi dravyas) or Visha virodhikalpas which are being used since time immemorial. It also deals with the toxin and its relation to the human health and offers an holistic approach in combating the effect of these toxins in the body. Poison refers to the toxins produced by toxic materials and living organism which are dangerous to human beings e.g. poisonous plants, heavy metal and its compound, the venom of snake, scorpion, spiders, bees etc., bacterial and non-bacterial food poisoning, artificial poison like insecticide, herbicide and rodenticide etc.  It also includes  occupational and industrial toxicity, its clinical manifestation, diagnosis and management along with toxicity due to different types of addictive substances.

    The department imparts education and training to students of both undergraduate and post graduate level regarding the classical references of Visha (poison) along with their classification, clinical manifestation and management. It also imparts knowledge regarding medical etiquette and laws pertaining to medical profession .The department of Agad Tantra runs specialized De-addiction unit at OPD –IPD level managing patients of different drug addictions (Alcohol,Tobacco,Cannabis,Opium).  The department also deals with the patients having Allergic Skin disorders and hair related problems.