The Institute has a good Library having publications on various subjects on Ayurveda, Naturopathy, Allopathy, Philosophy, Sanskrit, Science, etc. Reading room facilities are provided where current and latest journals, magazines, bulletins, leading national and local dailies are made available. During the year under report, 307 new publications were added. The number of library books, including reference and research publication, has now risen to 23,360. 112 Journals and Newspapers were subscribed for the Reading Room and 1,676 annual volumes of Journals were available for reference and research purposes. The Book Bank has 4,643 books for distribution to students of each class on merit-cum-need basis. The numbers of readers was 14,993. The Books are classified in catalogue code and open access system is maintained. 4 Library Cards are issued to each scholar to get 4 books for study at his/her residence. The Library remains open for 12 hours on all working days. Rare and reference books are kept separately in the Research and Reference Cell for compiling index and bibliography. Departmental Libraries are also functioning in all the 14 Departments for immediate reference by teachers and scholars. These Libraries are enriched with new additions every year. The Library has a collection of Thesis submitted by Teachers, PG and Ph.D. scholars.

Automation of Library work is in Progress for which Institute has got a Software from NIC and installed in Comptuer. Library Staff are being sent on a Training after which work will be started soon.

Video and Audio Unit: An Audio and Video Unit is also available in the Institute with one Photo Copier, TV, VCR, LCD Projector, Audio, Video Cassettes and CDs on various topics of Ayurveda, Modern subjects, Medicinal Plants etc.

Rules and Regulation of Library