Vision and Mission


1. To provide best quality and uncomparable Ayurvedic education in the country suitable to international standards and acceptability.

2. To become an apex institute of Ayurveda- an innovative, internationally competitive contemporary institute committed to creating the best possible future for helping the mankind to adopt a disease free life.

3. To produce the best talented teachers, physicians and researchers in the field of Ayurveda acceptable to the modern scientific world.

4. To become an institute of national importance and a centre of excellence in the field of Ayurvedic education, training, research and patient care and to make a name of its own internationally.

5. To provide the best treatment facilities in all branches of Ayurveda.

6. To provide a truly supportive environment, that rewards excellence and it will be agile enough to thrive in a dynamic global environment.


1. Enduring mission of NIA is to assist the Ministry of AYUSH in achieving the mandate in the area of improvement of educational standards, quality control, research and also for propagation of ayurveda on the international front,    collaboration with foreign countries for bilateral cooperation in education, training, publication, research, patient care.

2. Further improving the quality of higher education in Ayurveda suitable to international needs.

3. Introduction of more PG and fellowship programs, training in various aspects.

4. Implementing practice based research in treatment in order to give a scientific outlook to the patient care activities in Ayurveda, to validate Ayurvedic treatment so that the entire world accepts ayurveda as a system of medical care.

5. Undertaking various Research Activities for the welfare of mankind.

6. Training Programs for Foreigners (Medical as well as Non-Medical fellow) interested in the basic knowledge as well as higher knowledge in Ayurveda.

7. Providing expertise in Ayurveda to foreign countries interested to adopt Ayurveda for their health care needs.

8. The Institute has various perspective plans for the future development. The Institute is a pioneer institute in the field of Ayurveda established in 1976 by a Society Act of Rajasthan State Government, which imparts Teaching, Training and Research in various specialties of Ayurveda. To achieve targeted goals, various committees are constituted. These committees provide guidance and technical inputs in various activities. The Institute always promotes the participation of the teachers in decision making bodies, academics of their departmental affairs at all levels. Various committees of the Institution represent nominees from various departments and takes active role in policy decision making and its execution. Faculty of the Institute play both direct and indirect role in leadership at various levels in different committees. For Teaching & Research NIA have 14 departments with one senior most faculty member acting as HOD. HOD’s in consultation with their departmental faculty plan various future activities and put forward to the director. HOD's are member of all policy and decision making bodies of NIA and having financial power up to Rs. 10000/- as imprest for routine expenditure. HOD also plays an important role in annual assessment of works done by faculty. In this way he becomes a part of decision making body.