The Vision Document keeping in view various strategies and goals set out for the Institute comprises of the educational, training programs, patient care including SCP and TSP, Research, etc. shall be framed in the following manner for the proposed 5 Years Strategy from 2018-2019 to 2023-2024. 

The main objectives and functions of the Institute is solely imparting educational activities of Graduate, Post-Graduate and Post-Doctoral Level Courses including a Diploma Course and Short-Term Training Courses. The Institute is also imparts Short-Term Courses on basics and fundamentals of Ayurveda for foreign medical and para-medical personnel interested to know and study about Ayurveda and also to help introduce and develop Ayurveda in the health care needs of their countries.

For this, the Institute provides sufficient seats in its Graduate, Post-Graduate and Post-Doctoral Courses to nationals of a number of foreign countries in the South-East Region including BIMSTEC. The Short-Term Trainings Programs for foreign nationals are open to any country.

Apart from imparting Ayurveda education through a variety of courses at Graduate Level(125Scats), Post-Graduate Level (104 Seats), Post-Doctoral Level (28 Seats), Diploma (30 Seats) annually, the Institute provides patient care activities for which there is a 300 bedded Hospital with all OPD and other investigative facilities with a Central Laboratory.
The main research activity is limited to PG and Ph.D. education though teachers of the Institute are also involved in Short-Term Research activities. The Institute has also facilities for undertaking any research project from outside agencies interested in clinical trials.

In the coming years, the Institute proposes to enhance and enrich its infrastructure facilities like enhancing Hospital space, new Central Laboratory-cum-Cottage Wards, a new Hospital with IPD facilities in the heart of the City, enriching the Laboratories, Museums, etc. Further developing the Drug Standardization and Research Laboratory, Upgrading the existing Pharmacy manufacturing medicines to meet out the maximum needs of IPD and OPD, Upgrading the Panchakarma Unit to provide high class Panchakarma Therapies not only to domestic patients but for foreigners also who are keenly interested to undergo Panchakarma which is gaining international attention to keep a sound and disease-free life.

Vision Document

Strategic Planning