Rasayan Shala (Pharmacy)


The Institute has a GMP Certified Pharmacy for manufacturing various types of medicines required for Hospitals and Research purposes. Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) are strictly followed by the Pharmacy. Quality Control measures to maintain quality standards of medicines at all levels are ensured. Standard hygienic conditions and improved quality of medicinal products are maintained. The Pharmacy is attached to the Department of Rasa Shastra and Bhaishajya Kalpana and is managed and supervised by an Associate Professor of the Department who is also involved in practical teaching, training and demonstration to UG students and PG scholars in order to impart knowledge about different stages and methods of preparation of different Ayurvedic medicines. Much importance is attached to maintenance of quality of ingredients used in various preparations. Medicines are prepared strictly according to Ayurvedic principles and methods, especially those described in Bhaishjaya Ratnavali, Rasa Yoga Sagar, Siddha Yoga Sangrah, Siddha Bhaishjya Manimala, Yoga Ratnakar, Bhava Prakash, Sarangdhar Samhita, etc. In addition, certain highly effective Yogas are also prepared according to the methods prescribed in Ayurvedic Scriptures.

The Pharmacy is equipped with modern equipments and machineries like Micro Pulveriser, Disintigrator, Shifter, Mixer, Mini Pulveriser, Pouch-making Machine, Cutting/Chopping Machine, Dryer, Granulator, Tablet Making Machine, Strip Packing Machine, electric Furnaces, Juicer, Bottle Washing Machine, Diesel Furnace, End Runner, Pill Thread Making and Pill Cutting Machine, Coating Pan, Capsule Filling Machine, Pouch Packing Machine, Liquid Filling Machine, Capsule Sealing Machine, Weighing Machines, Mass Mixer, Wet Grinder, Dehumidifier, Scrubber, Dryer, Vacuum Cleaner etc. Conventional equipments are also available and are put to use in the method of preparation, wherever necessary. In addition to preparation of various types of medicines required for hospitals for dispensing in IPD and OPD, the Pharmacy also prepares medicines required for various research purposes of Ph.D., PG scholars and Teachers. Such medicines are prepared in the presence of the research scholars concerned in order to make them understand and gain the knowledge of various ingredients used, methods and various stages of preparation.

During the period under report, 169 Types of Medicines (38,585 Kg.) worth Rs. 1,28,17,691 were manufactured registering an increase of 3,000 Kg. as compared to last year.