Other Facilities

Facilities for teaching- learning. viz., classrooms, laboratories, computing equipment

National institute of Ayurveda has adequate facilities for teaching – learning for the students as per as Classrooms, laboratories, computing equipment, etc. as per the minimum specified requirements by the central council of Indian medicine which is statutory regulatory body to control and guide education of ayurveda in India

As per norms of CCIM, Institute has all required facilities for teaching, learning viz. classrooms, laboratories, computing equipment's etc. All UG classes are having separate AC classrooms with ICT facilities and identified marked class wise. For nursing, part I and II separate classrooms are there. One common PG classroom is allotted separately for PG first year students for common subjects. 14 separate departmental classroom/seminar hall have been allotted to each respective department for conducting subject wise PG classes as MD and MS courses are elective. All PhD scholars are also having separate sitting arrangement and utilizing facilities which is provided to each department. As per the CCIM requirement of subject, majority of the departments are facilitated with laboratories and museum. Each laboratory and museum is well equipped with required instruments, chemicals, computer facilities. Institute has separate field class room in botanical garden for demonstration of plants. As per practice, clinical classes usually conducted in ward at beside but there is also a separate clinical class/lecture theatre in hospital side is allotted for demonstrating clinical study material. A separate room is allocated for smooth working of journal of Ayurveda, where scrutinizing of various articles and its publication is carried out.

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Facilities to support physical and recreational requirements of students and staff

Sports, Games and Yoga

The institute has adequate facilities for various sports activities. For better management, institution have established a committee which is actively working to organise various sports activities and also encourage and train students for the participation in competitions of state and national level. The institution has provided well maintained sports ground and all other necessary equipment for various sports activities and games.
For the decorous organisation, for smooth working of sports activities, sport club has been framed.

Cultural activity

Since 1976, NIA Jaipur is conducting various cultural and sports activities to encourage the students for the multidisciplinary approach. For the better organisation and management of the activities institute has conducted distinct cultural committee which is actively working exclusively for various cultural programs, competitions etc.
Each year the cultural committee is conducting cultural programme and different competitions for the students. The activities are planned with the vision to develop cultural awareness, sportsman spirit and the multi-talented personality of the students. The students are encouraged and supported for the participation and their talent is appreciated by the awards given by the institute.
Each year in month of January or February these 10-15 days sports and cultural events are organised. The teachers are also actively involved as event organiser and participants in various sports and cultural activities. Approx. 400 students each year are actively participating in the various cultural events. Detail description of last five years cultural activities are tabulated below:

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General campus facilities and overall ambience

There is a big campus of institute having hostel facilities for UG and PG, PhD Boys and Girls separately. Boys hostel have three separate buildings namely; SLR(65 ROOMS),NAGARJUN(93 ROOMS), and AGNIVESH(90 ROOM) NURSING(30 ROOMS).There is a quarter and guest house for visitors. The Hostels are well equipped with basic needs requirements. The hostels are well maintained and provides healthy and study favored atmosphere. In every hostels there is continues facility of electricity and an electrician has been appointed for any emergency, neat and clean rooms, bathrooms and toilets daily maintained with cleanness by the sweepers. There is facility of heaters to provide hot water in winter seasons. For summer season, there is facility of refrigerators and RO Plants for cold and purified drinking water. There are kitchens and well-furnished dining halls as student’s mess in every hostel. Healthy and nutritive foods have been served in hostels to maintain the health of students.
There is facility of canteen in Institute for breakfast, tea, coffee and lunch for students, staff, visitors and patient attendants in the institute.
There is a branch of Central Bank of India, Bank in the institute campus providing in campus bank services to students and staff.

There is good quality road and signage inside and outside campus for easy and safe transportation.

There are enough numbers of common and personal toilets in the campus for males and females separately and maintained well with appropriate cleanness every day.

Round the clock health facility for students and staff is available in institute at free of cost with all laboratory and radiological investigations facility.

The emergency unit of institute offers quick and free health service for any kind of emergency health condition. There is also a facility of ambulance in institute for referral of students or staff or patients to higher health service center at free of cost.
The adequate number of RO plants in institute for water purifications which provides cool and purified drinking water in institute for students and staffs.

There is alternative source of energy in form of generators and solar energy plants in institute to handle the situation of sudden loss of electricity power and for saving of electricity through use of natural resource for electricity production.

Institute have large garden with green grass being maintained regularly for morning walking exercise and playing the games for students. There is also herbal garden in institute with various medicinal plants. Institute has so many trees inside the campus to make environment pollution free.

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